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Pet Microchipping

Keeping Your Pets Safe and Secure

Losing a pet can be a heart-wrenching experience. Pet Microchipping provides an invaluable lifeline, increasing the chances of a lost pet reuniting with their loving family. This simple and effective procedure offers peace of mind and is a vital safeguard for your pet’s well-being.

Pet microchipping is a simple and safe procedure that involves implanting a tiny chip under your pet’s skin, usually between their shoulder blades. The chip contains a unique identification number that a special device can scan at any animal shelter or veterinary clinic.

How Pet Microchip Works

The chip emits a radio frequency signal that a scanner can detect. If your pet is ever lost or stolen, anyone who finds them can take them to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, where they will be scanned for a chip. The scanner will display the chip’s identification number, which can be used to access your contact information in the database.

Partnering with AKC Reunite for Global Pet Safety

At Camden Animal Hospital, we use the AKC Reunite pet microchipping database, an essential component for pet safety and required for overseas travel. This partnership ensures that your pet’s identification is securely linked to a well-established, global network, offering an additional layer of protection and peace of mind for you and your furry companion wherever your adventures take you.

Easy and Quick Procedure

Pet microchipping is a non-invasive and permanent way to identify your pet. Unlike collars or tags, the chip cannot fall off, get damaged, or be removed by anyone. The chip will last for the lifetime of your pet and will not cause any harm or discomfort to them.

We will need to register the chip once with your contact information and update it if you ever move or change your phone number.

Pet microchipping is a straightforward and quick procedure that takes only a few minutes. We use a sterile needle to insert the chip under your pet’s skin, just like a vaccination. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice, and your pet will hardly feel anything.

There is no need for anesthesia or surgery; your pet can go home right after the procedure.

Pet Microchipping in Camden

If you are interested in pet microchipping, contact us today at Camden Animal Hospital. We are a full-service animal hospital that provides high-quality care for pets in Camden and surrounding areas.

Camden Animal Hospital offers pet microchipping services for dogs and cats in Camden, Hampton, Smackover, Stephens, Fordyce, Bearden, Chidester, and surrounding areas. Our other services include pet wellness exams, pet vaccinations, pet dentistry, spay and neuter surgery, pet soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, and pet urgent care.

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