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Pet Dentistry

Nurturing Smiles for Happy
and Healthy Pets

Pet Dentistry goes beyond fresh breath. It is essential in preventing oral diseases, pain, and potential systemic health issues. Our dedicated veterinarians and staff are passionate about providing exceptional dental care tailored to each pet’s unique needs.

Poor dental hygiene can lead to plaque and tartar buildup, which can cause bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and infections. These infections can spread to other parts of your pet’s body, such as their heart, liver, or kidneys, and cause severe
or even life-threatening complications.

Comprehensive and Affordable Dental Care Services

At Camden Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive and affordable pet dental care services for cats and dogs of all ages and breeds. Our pet dental care services include:

Dental Exams For Cats and Dogs

Your pet’s dental health is important to us. That’s why we conduct comprehensive dental exams to evaluate their oral condition. Our exams include checking for signs of disease or damage, such as:

We also examine potential periodontal disease with a dental probe to measure the depth of the pockets between their teeth and gums. This helps us determine the extent of gum disease
and the risk of tooth loss.  

Dental Cleanings For Cats and Dogs

Your pet deserves a sparkling smile. That’s why we offer professional dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar and polish their teeth to prevent future buildup.

Our cleanings involve using hand and ultrasonic scaling while your pet is under general anesthesia to gently remove the plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth. We also polish their teeth with a high-speed rotary tool and smooth out rough spots. To finish, we flush their mouth with an antiseptic solution to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Dental Extractions

We perform dental extractions during dental cleanings while your pet is under general anesthesia to remove damaged or infected teeth that may cause pain
or discomfort to your pet.

We also use sutures to close the wound and prevent bleeding. Post-extraction care includes prescribed pain medication and antibiotics to help your pet recover from the procedure.

The Health Benefits of Pet Dental Care

By bringing your pet to Camden Animal Hospital for regular dental care, you can help them enjoy many benefits, such as:

We will provide the information and guidance you need to care for your pet’s teeth and gums at home. We also guide you on how to brush your pet’s teeth, what kind of food and treats to give them, and what signs to look out for that may indicate a dental problem.

Pet Dental Care at Camden Animal Hospital

Give your furry friend the gift of a healthy smile. Schedule a pet dentistry appointment at Camden Animal Hospital and let our compassionate team provide the exceptional dental care your pet deserves.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure a lifetime of joyful dental health.

Experience top-notch pet dental care at Camden Animal Hospital. Serving Camden, Hampton, Smackover, Stephens, Fordyce, Bearden, Chidester, and surrounding areas. Our other services include pet wellness exams, pet vaccinations, pet microchipping, spay and neuter surgery, pet soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, and pet urgent care.

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